About Us

Pinoy Indie Films Road Show serves as a new and unconventional platform to promote Filipino culture and arts through independent films especially films about education, women empowerment, health, environment, gender equality and other films that have social impact that are made by small time film producers and filmmakers. We bring socially relevant films in schools, government offices and communities through blocked screenings across the country especially in remote areas where Filipino films are not shown.

Most Filipino films are just shown in Metro Manila, in key cities in the Philippines and in International Film Festivals. We would like to reach out to the schools in far-flung areas and share the values and the powerful message of the films to many Filipinos. The pandemic has halted our operations and we are trying to rebuild our platform digitally through Youtube whenever we have a film showing. We make the film to be available on Youtube with a private link and password which is good for seven days only. We want to develop an app and a streaming website where our clients such as schools, government agencies and individuals can stream the films at the comfort of their homes and offices. As of writing, Netflix platform does not support all Filipino films. Most of the local films that are on Netflix come from big studios that are mostly commercial films. We are supporting independent films that were produced by small time filmmakers and the contents are educational and socially relevant that can help in nation building and making the Philippines a better place. We want to upscale and to continue to show independent films that matter through an app or streaming website at an affordable price.

Our innovation is made because of love for our country and our fellow Filipinos. We fell in love with the Philippines because of our rich audio-visual heritage, culture and tradition. Even we grew up in Manila we can understand the people from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao through regional films.  We have watched K’na the Dreamweaver and Thy Womb and are transported to an amazing Filipino culture and tradition.  This is what we want to share to our fellow Filipinos in the far-flung areas, to appreciate and love our own culture. What we are doing is arts education through films. We want others to be complete human beings who are critically thinkers, curious minds and to lead productive lives by learning good values from the films that we are showing. Good values that they can carry as they grow up and become productive and law abiding citizens of the country. 

We are showing film from elementary to college levels and government agency employees. We just don’t show films we also touch their hearts and soul by showing important films that can make the Philippines a better nation and giving lectures about the message of the film that we bring. We also seek the support of the locals in each provinces and sponsors so that we can give some tokens for the students and teachers in far-flung areas.